1175 Wantagh Ave.

Wantagh,NY 11793

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Welcome to Jani

Hi! I am Shao Huang, the owner of the Jani's.

I am a chef from China. Since I came to the USA twenty years ago, I have been working as a chef and have always had a dream to have my own restaurant. I wish to bring to you the finest temptations of the Chinese food and to share the elegant culture of Chinese cuisine with others.

Jani is the realizaton of my dream. In Jani,I am determined to bring to you the authentic style of the Orient while altering it to suit the taste of American people. My recipes particularly reflect my endeavor in this matter. The recipes include the most tasty and elegant dishes of both Chinese and Japanese food. With respect to Japanese food, I have been serving the finest Japanese food in our Chinese restaurants for many years.

The freshest ingredients, noodles, dim-sum, barbecue, sushi as well as the open-kitchen are what sets apart from traditional Chinese restaurants. Those specialties enable Jani to maintain a high standard of quality in the prepared dishes and a most friendly cooking style.

Jani is a result of many years of learning, planning, and working. It has been my effort to craete a comfortable atmosphere, attractive setting, fine food and drink, and courteous service. I also have a treasure of teapots that have been lovingly collected from all places around the world or given by family and friends. I invite you to enjoy this unique collection as well as the wide selection of delectable dishes.

The Staff and I hope you have an uncommonly delightful experience at Jani !

Night-time manager : Wen-Hsun Chan

Sushi & Sashimi